Home defect law divides Democrats

Democrats are locked in an increasingly acrimonious battle over construction defect legislation, which has emerged as one of the most contentious issues this session. Senate Democrats, led by Judiciary Committee Chairman Terry Care, D-Las Vegas, passed a bill on a vote of 19-1 to curtail homeowner lawsuits against builders and subcontractors — a priority for the powerful but struggling construction industry.

Assembly bill scores one for lawyers in construction defect tug of war

Assembly Bill 215 was proposed as a way to allow homeowners and their attorneys to sue contractors over construction defects, even if contractors go bankrupt. This week, according to its critics, the bill morphed into something else — leverage for trial lawyers to gain the upper hand in an ongoing fight over construction defect law.

Debate on home defect law heats up

A fierce dispute over the way Nevada resolves homeowners’ claims of construction defects broke open for a full airing before a legislative committee Wednesday. Legislation being considered by the committee pits builders and subcontractors against [...]

Trapped by lawsuits, subcontractors seek relief

Pete King Nevada Corporation helped build 1,200 homes in Nevada last year. In the fourth quarter alone, the company received 110 notices of alleged construction defect. Perhaps it seems as if the company must do [...]